Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rosa Pomar + Oilily : Blatant ripoff

Here at mum & babe we love to support indie designers work and when we heard about this the outrage is not containable. Not to make light of the situation, we will sum up the gist of what's going on. A huge manufacturer OILILY has added a doll to their collection that is an EXACT COPY of Rosar's doll. We carry Rosar's beautiful Baby wearing slings in the store. We have always wanted the dolls, but the waiting list has been so long. I am sure that eventually we will have them. Please read the article and if you are interested send an email to show your support for indie designers.

We have reduced the price of Rosar's slings in store to $129.00 from $150.00 so take advantage of another way to support this wonderful indie designer with your purchase.

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