Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello September!

What a busy month it's been here at mum & babe we have moved shop halfway across the world...well it feels like it but not really.
We are now located in Cairns Tropical North Queensland and we love it! This weather is divine... oh! enough of that, we have some beautiful new products arriving on our doorstep any day now. We have searched high and low to get some really different and unique products for you. Products you won't find anywhere else, toys and dolls that your little one's will adore and treasure for generations to come.We have added a new section to the store Handmade be sure to check it out, it's going to be FAB.

Firstly, our beautiful Bamboletta Dolls. They truly are the most beautiful doll you can buy. Nothing can describe the exquisite smell of the lanolin and the soft touch of the beautiful organic wool hair. We have only two left pictures below.

Pippa oh Pippa, such a beautiful little angel, she loves to play in the garden and pick flowers for her best friends. Wearing her favorite dress with little retro owls, and a warm and soft pure Merino wool cardigan, Pippa is ready for all kinds of fun.

Saskia with her beautiful blonde highlights of Mohair and Loopi wool,and her supper soft Mohair hand knitted cardigan will forever be a favorite amongst the staff, we don't ever want to let her go. Saskia also wears cute little pink tights under her best little play dress topped off with cute felt wool maryjanes.

Both dolls smell amazing, the antibacterial properties of the lanolin, make them even more beautiful, they have organic cotton knit bodies and Rommey lambswool stuffing, to read more about these gorgeous dolls check our previous post.

To purchase a Bamboletta Doll you can contact us through the site here or contact us directly, on 07 40 364114. The dolls are $195.00 with free shipping.

What's next of we have some fantastic new Beanies coming from a very talented design team see below, limited numbers will arrive so if you want one get in quick, they will be walking out the door like hotcakes!

Dark Rose Newsgirl Beanie

Navey Newsgirl Beanie

Vanilla with Pink Flower Flapper Beanie

New to the store, we have beautiful summer tunics, designed to go the distance. These are the kind of 'Little Pinnies' we love easily growing with your child through Summer, to Winter and onto Summer again. The Tunic can be worn as a dress, then as your child grows the tunic becomes a great top over shorts or jeans. We really really like!

Amazon Garden

Chocolate Fruits

Lotus Garden

We will newsletter all the new arrivals as soon as they come in, (this is just a taste of what's to come) stay tuned it's going to be one hot Summer...

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Hair Sparkle

These beautiful new Headbands are sooo cute with such gorgeous flowers. You can can get them here.

These are also delightful, such cute little clips that can really add some sparkle.