Monday, October 20, 2008

What's new in Store?

We have lot's of beautiful Handmade in store this month. In particular the Beautiful Waldorf Teethers and Rattles. They are simple and elegant and wonderfully organic. Made just right for little hands to clasp and sooth away those nasty cutting teeth. The antibacterial properties of the wood make them wonderful to use over and over again.

The Mozartkugel is back in stock! This beautiful and timeless piece of art will be a family favourite for many years to come. We wound the Motzartkugel with the sweet key and placed the ball in beside a little Sweetpea in her bassinet. The soft beautiful music was instantly calming not to mention safe from harmful chemicals and NOT PLASTIC! in a world where most infant toys are.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teething Bon Bons

We have been waiting for these for so long it seems like we could burst. The most delightful teething solution you could ever have. Every parent knows the discomfort that teething causes their little one and we look for safe, convenient ways to sooth the pain. What could be more fun than a teething soother that’s free of plastics and brings to mind French sweets? Each of these Teething Bonbons™ are made from certified organic cotton flannel, sweetly stitched with delicious colours, stuffed with clean, carded wool and finished off with two knots.

To use, simply soak the end knots in cooled boiled water and toss them into the freezer till needed. The baby chews on the frozen knots while their hands are kept warm with the wool centre. And they couldn’t be more convenient - Teething Bonbons™ work just as well when not frozen given the density of the flannel knots, and come in 3 different stitch colours so you can keep track of which Bonbon is on the go.

Naturally anti-bacterial wool and organic cotton flannel make Teething Bonbons™ safe, soothing and absolutely darling.

Competition Winner!

Congratulations to our August Competition Winner Megan.C. Your beautiful Bento Box will go out in the post this week. If you missed out on last months competition stay glued for this months it's going to be great!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello September!

What a busy month it's been here at mum & babe we have moved shop halfway across the world...well it feels like it but not really.
We are now located in Cairns Tropical North Queensland and we love it! This weather is divine... oh! enough of that, we have some beautiful new products arriving on our doorstep any day now. We have searched high and low to get some really different and unique products for you. Products you won't find anywhere else, toys and dolls that your little one's will adore and treasure for generations to come.We have added a new section to the store Handmade be sure to check it out, it's going to be FAB.

Firstly, our beautiful Bamboletta Dolls. They truly are the most beautiful doll you can buy. Nothing can describe the exquisite smell of the lanolin and the soft touch of the beautiful organic wool hair. We have only two left pictures below.

Pippa oh Pippa, such a beautiful little angel, she loves to play in the garden and pick flowers for her best friends. Wearing her favorite dress with little retro owls, and a warm and soft pure Merino wool cardigan, Pippa is ready for all kinds of fun.

Saskia with her beautiful blonde highlights of Mohair and Loopi wool,and her supper soft Mohair hand knitted cardigan will forever be a favorite amongst the staff, we don't ever want to let her go. Saskia also wears cute little pink tights under her best little play dress topped off with cute felt wool maryjanes.

Both dolls smell amazing, the antibacterial properties of the lanolin, make them even more beautiful, they have organic cotton knit bodies and Rommey lambswool stuffing, to read more about these gorgeous dolls check our previous post.

To purchase a Bamboletta Doll you can contact us through the site here or contact us directly, on 07 40 364114. The dolls are $195.00 with free shipping.

What's next of we have some fantastic new Beanies coming from a very talented design team see below, limited numbers will arrive so if you want one get in quick, they will be walking out the door like hotcakes!

Dark Rose Newsgirl Beanie

Navey Newsgirl Beanie

Vanilla with Pink Flower Flapper Beanie

New to the store, we have beautiful summer tunics, designed to go the distance. These are the kind of 'Little Pinnies' we love easily growing with your child through Summer, to Winter and onto Summer again. The Tunic can be worn as a dress, then as your child grows the tunic becomes a great top over shorts or jeans. We really really like!

Amazon Garden

Chocolate Fruits

Lotus Garden

We will newsletter all the new arrivals as soon as they come in, (this is just a taste of what's to come) stay tuned it's going to be one hot Summer...

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Hair Sparkle

These beautiful new Headbands are sooo cute with such gorgeous flowers. You can can get them here.

These are also delightful, such cute little clips that can really add some sparkle.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kaiya Eve Couture and 'SWING VOTE' Madeline Carroll

Click on the Play Button to view the Beautiful Limited Edition Kaiya Eve Tartan Pettiskirt. It's Gorgeous!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bento Box Competition

To give you all a boost with your back to school lunch boxes, here at Mum & Babe we have come up with the best competition ever!

Here is what you can win. A beautiful Japanese Bento Box in the shape of a Bear. The Bento Box has two separate compartments and snaps together with a black elastic strap slipped over the whole box. Top shelf dishwasher safe. We have filled this box with lots of goodies to get you excited about lunches.

An egg molder! I know I know I didn't know what an egg molder was either, it's really simple and will tempt even the fussiest eater. There are two shapes to choose from a cute little bunny and a divine little teddy bear. It works like this you peel the boiled egg while it's still super hot and fit it into one side of the mold and then slowly close the two sides together and snap on the clips. The container is then placed in a bowl of cold water for ten minutes or so and when you open it up you have the most adorable little bunny or bear shaped egg.

We have also added in the cutest little food separators, these are used to section off different areas of the lunch box and organize the appearance. And little animals in the shape of toothpick forks. Oh we do love these. Of course we couldn't stop there we have a cutter for little sausages! Yes that's right, you can place little hot dogs into the mold and it cuts them into little sand crabs. They are so cute. We have a rice ball maker, that makes beautifully shaped rice onigiri. You can stuff these with leftover spaghetti meat sauce or ham and cheese the possibilities are endless.

These little hot dog sand crabs don't last long in the box!

And to give you a little bit of inspiration...

The ice cream is another egg mold and hand painted with food colouring. The Strawberries are made from cheese and again hand painted with food colour, topped with little sesame seeds. Oh so Divine!

This beautiful monkey face is a slice of cheese that has been painted with food colouring, on top of a crispy chicken pattie. Wow!

The Japanese Bento Box is traditionally filled on a ratio of 4:3:2:1.

4 parts rice
3 parts vegetables
2 parts meat or seafood
1 part condiments and or sweets

With this in mind your lunch box can be filled with anything. Leftovers are the best and easiest way to add small amounts of yummy portions to your child's Bento Box. Over the next few weeks we will post some great easy to do simple recipes, for even the fussiest of eaters.

Some of the staff here at Mum & Babe have favourite ways of cutting sandwiches with cookie cutters, cookie cutters are a great way to cut vegetables and fruits as well. It really is about having fun. Your little groovers will not know what happened to mum when they open these types of lunch boxes, they will be too busy ohhing and arhhing to remember they don't like beans!

Don't forget about Nori sheets. If you haven't ever used them they are wonderful. You can cut them with scissors into strips and wrap food together. You can use a stationary shape puncher to cut out any shape possible to decorate. We have used a hole punch (A clean one of course!) to make eyes for little eggs. It is so nutritious and healthy and even the most sensitive eater will love egg monsters with eyes.

Well how can you win this wonderful prize? It's easy all you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less why you would love to win this Bento lunch box inspiration. Mum & Babe will award the best entry with this wonderful Bear Paws Bento Box and loads of accessories valued at over $90.00! Click here to fill in your details and write your enrty. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beautiful Bamboletta's COMING SOON!


We are so excited to bring the Beautiful Bamboletta Dolls into Australia. Made with Love and Care, taking up to seventeen hours and more to make, these scrumptious Dolls are the epitome of the Waldorf Concept. Handmade in a Beautiful town in Canada by a very special mum, the Bamboletta Dolls will become the most loved doll your child will ever own.

A wonderfully thick cotton interlock from the Netherlands is used for their beautiful skin, they are filled with a beautiful organic wool sourced from a farm just ten minutes away from the designers home in Cobble Hill B.C. Gorgeous handspun, handdyed yarn is used on the dolls create a unique and special look, most often a mix of several types of yarns are crafted together to create a natural and funky look - highlights and all!

The dolls faces are embroidered with a sweet, simple expression inspired by Waldorf philosophy . It encourages children to engage in open play, reflecting back to the child whatever emotion is timely and appropriate, whether happy, sad, or somewhere between. Coloured beeswax is used to blush their cheeks.

The dolls are then clothed in simple clothing. With a real need for children to be able to relate to their dolls, every effort is made to try and make sure that the dolls are dressed in a way that the child would be dressed in everyday life.


These dolls are meant for ages three and up. They are sturdy, but they are not meant to be carried around by their heads! Use your discretion, if you have a two year old that is very gentle - They should be fine.

So if you are an online shopper you must contact us Here to inquire about buying a Bamboletta Doll. Due to some contracts the designer has in place Mum & Babe has them available for online shoppers here through our Blog. The Dolls are $195.00 and come packaged with all their clothing, Tags and Lots and Lots of Love. You can call us direct on 07 40364114 and we will ship one right out to you.


Each doll is unique so the pictures below are exactly what you will get when you order. We are also taking orders for Dolls, so if you want one specifically to look like your little Bamboletta, skin colour, eye colour and hair colour can be organized. Oh and we should have little boys in soon. Be quick we only have three left!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New stock from Kaiya Eve Couture.COMING SOON!

Wow, oh Wow! We are so excited to add new stock to the range! We have the brand new Diaper Covers from Kaiya Eve, they are so soft and delicious, just like a pettiskirt for your little itsy bitsy one. You can team them up with a Babydoll Dress made from the softest Supima Cotton and the beautiful Kaiya Eve signature ruffles. We have also added some new colours, so be sure to stop by and have a look. Stock should be arriving any day now!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rock your Baby

OH! We are never disappointed when we receive new stock from Rock your Baby. It is always beautifully well made and the designs are so cute. These new onesies are divine and they fit so well you won't want to take the off your babe, they have delicious ruffles on the bottom too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little taste of Summer

Here at Mum & Babe we are cupcake fanatic's. Yes you know the divine little cakey cups of pure joy! We have a competition in the works and I will spill the vanilla, yes it will have something to do with CUPCAKES!

However in the mean time we have to share these beautiful images we have found here. Not only does it scream 'too many hours surfing the net' it shouts out loud, 'We love the humble cupcake'.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Oh Everyone loves a sale! In the store this week we have so many beautiful things on sale. All of the Wry Baby label, these little onesies are divine and will make the cutest gifts. Great to stash away for those unexpected moments. Oh and Fishlilly, these are really beautiful, the kind of wraps that wash and wash and the more you do the softer they get. Beautiful Funky feet are on their way out the door and you can pair them with delicious BabyLegs. If your anything like me I can't keep my hands off all that beautiful baby chub especially when they are wearing those BabyLegs.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Time to start Blogging

Well Mum & Babe has decided to start blogging! Here goes I hope you enjoy reading about everything that is happening in and around Mum & Babe.